Maryland Mortgage Modification Lawyer

Avoid Foreclosure and Keep Your Home with Payments You Can Afford

If you are struggling to make your mortgage payments — if you are worried about a looming interest rate adjustment — or if you are already behind on your mortgage — we can help.

With the help of our Maryland mortgage modification lawyers, you may be able to work out an arrangement with your lender to reduce your monthly payments to a level you and your family can afford. In other words, you could be able to keep your home, stay current on your mortgage, and even retain your hard-earned equity.

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Explore Your Legal and Financial Options

The Maryland mortgage modification attorneys of Chaifetz & Coyle, P.C. want you to know that, as a homeowner, you do have the power to negotiate with your bank. Lenders know that once you hire an attorney to defend you, foreclosing on a house can be expensive, and that working out an arrangement with you may be a better option. We can help you seek a beneficial resolution through:

Unfortunately, many banks will choose to give you the runaround instead of meeting you at the negotiating table. When you choose Chaifetz & Coyle, P.C., we let the bank know that it’s time to sit down and take you seriously.

Protect Yourself from Loan Modification Scams

You are not required to hire an attorney to help you with mortgage modification — but it is a good idea. Thousands of homeowners across the country have fallen victim to loan modification scam artists, losing their money and homes in the process. Many of these scams advertise themselves as “attorney supported” services; but don’t be fooled, they generally are not law firms and are not bound by the strict legal and ethical rules that attorneys must obey.

Handling the loan modification process yourself is not always the best choice. As part of most mortgage modification agreements, the lender will require you to release all legal claims related to your loan. Chaifetz & Coyle, P.C. can help you ensure that signing this release is in your best interests.

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